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Thursday August 27, 2015

CMO Forum

Customer centricity as a core attribute for organisational success has placed the CMO at the centre of industry’s growth aspirations.



The transformative shifts in the marketplace driven both by technology, but also by changing consumer needs and behaviours now demands leadership of response by CMOs across the country. The CMOs’ traditional stewardship of brnds is now augmented by the need to lead company-wide change in response to evolving buying patterns, actively working to mould the firm’s public image, manage enormous complexity (both internal and external), and continually build new marketing capabilities. This complex maze of responsibilities requires CMOs to be multi-faceted, multi-talented, and nimble-footed.


200-members strong, The India CMO Forum brings together a group of peers working to further the stature, credibility, and understanding of the strategic marketing function via the medium of briefing sessions, roundtables, and written content which offer thought leadership and opportunities for networking.


CMO Forum members are drawn from India’s senior-most marketing professionals to form a trusted, close-knit community of peers who use their access and expertise for mutual benefit, support, professional advancement, and above all draw on the collective wisdom of the group.


Highly interactive, closed-door briefing sessions amongst a uniformly senior participant set are led by authoritative speakers from within the industry, academic and business fields or structured as brainstorms within the peer community itself. Driven by a tightly knit agenda and strong moderation,these sessions are CMO only, focussing on issues core to the CMO’s role as custodian of brand and customer relationships. A select set of joint sessions with CEOs and CFOs centre on wider subjects where the triad of peers has common interest.


IMA opinion on key issues in the domain of marketing and brands is provided through IMA’s opinion papers. Equally, the power of the network is leveraged for the creation of country benchmarks in marketing and businss specific isues through IMA member surveys. IMA’s broader papers on the economy and emergent trends are a core part of the value proposition, given the CMO’s need to understand broader economic growth impetuses in the country. All IMA Forum sessions are intelligently summarised and provided as key takeouts to members.


To maintain the seniority and relevance of the peer group, membership to the India Chief Marketing Officers’ Forum is by invitation only, and limited to the senior-most executive in the marketing function. To know more write to us