Tuesday February 7, 2017

6:30 PM IST

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The St. Regis Mumbai, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Doing Business Globally: India on the World Stage: The IMA: Baker McKenzie Session

One of IMA India's important initiatives: the 2017 Doing Business Globally session, is scheduled on Tuesday, the 7th February at the St Regis. Commencing at 1.00 pm and concluding over an early supper, IMA is delighted to host the meeting in partnership with Baker McKenzie, an international law firm, which has conducted this seminar in the US since 2010. 

2016 has seen dramatic changes in economic growth domestically and even more, in the wider operating framework globally. The European Union, among India’s leading trading partners, is transforming itself as a cohesive unit with its multilateral operating structure in possible question. This was led by Brexit and reiterated by Italy’s recent referendum against constitutional changes proposed by Prime Minister Renzi. The election of Donald Trump as President of the United States signals both changing expectations of Americans in terms of their own prosperity and its distribution, and a wider shift linked to a surge, if you will, in nationalist sentiment the world over. Closer home, a rising China – regardless of its current economic challenges, will still create massive markets each year – will shift its patterns of trade and business in Asia, and Asia’s high potential markets will respond. 

In India, economic growth over the next two quarters will be brought low as consumption is pulled back on the curtailment of cash availability by the government’s landmark move on demonetisation of 86% of the country’s cash in circulation. That said, the country remains among the fastest growing in the world, a trend led by increasingly sophisticated businesses that are expanding their footprint across the globe. In IMA’s estimate, outbound FDI from India will vastly exceed that inbound in the next two years. 

Whilst that is the sign of a globally competitive industry that must follow opportunity, the fact is that the rules of the game are changing in almost every country and regional bloc with whom India does business. Regulation and policy will morph as each of India’s biggest overseas markets, as indeed, its greatest competitors across sectors, see tectonic shifts. Doing business with the USA, with EU, with the UK, with China, and with other EMs including Africa, will demand a categorical assessment of the approach of these countries to global businesses in their markets, and of regulation, related to taxation, company affairs and the movement of talent. 

Our conversation on the 7th February will aim to identify, through a series of debates, how policy and regulation – as indeed, the priorities of these governments and industry – are changing and what the implications for Indian industry will be. 

We hope you can attend. We would like to believe there is strong value for those of us with a mandate of global business, just as there is strong value for those of us for whom these markets house principals as indeed, competition. 

The India opportunity remains compelling. We are the world’s most high potential market. As early pioneers across sectors have already proven, however, Indian industry’s globalisation will be core to defining where we will stand in the international league of nations, as a country, as an industry powerhouse. Discussions will be closed-door and highly interactive, and participation select. Your presence and contribution will go a long way to lending value to the outcomes of this conversation. 

We would appreciate word back in response and look forward very much, to seeing you on the 7th

Radha Ahluwalia


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