India’s Agriculture Sector: Opportunities and Challenges
Agriculture is an area of huge importance to the economy as a whole, but it also represents major possibilities for business. This report takes a deep-dive into the Indian farm sector in all its facets - from the input side to credit and insurance and market linkages. What are the key constraints and challenges? Where is growth taking place, and how can it be improved? What is the outlook for policy reforms, and what are the emerging opportunities for corporates? Extensively researched, the report will serve as both a strategic guide for business and an invaluable reference tool. 

IMA’s 2019 report on India’s Agriculture provides a detailed analysis of supply and production; yields and productivity; the input side; farming economics; the operating regime; and trends driving future risks and opportunities. It also offers a forward view on what to expect in terms of Government action and policy decisions.
Table of Contents
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