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Friday September 25, 2020

Data Privacy Workshop Single Page

Cyber Security Workshop

In an age where technology is driving business decisions, areas such as digital trust, data ownership and cyber security have become a pivotal boardroom agenda. This is all the more so in the post-Covid world where remote working and the consequent reliance on technology, has increased. Cyber security, therefore, no longer falls within the sole purview of Operations or IT but is an imperative for all business leaders to comprehend and manage. Certain kinds of cyber-attacks can cripple a company’s operations and even threaten its very existence. Rapid and efficient responses to cyber threats require several elements such as a preparedness plan, mitigating measures and a comprehensive risk and security framework. For that, top management needs to take lead in drafting a response in partnership with security leaders, business managers and CIOs.

In essence, nearly every function and its leader needs to understand the implications of cyber challenges in a modern-day world. For this reason, the workshop invites cross-functional participation. We are hosting multiple sessions in order to provide an in-depth analysis of the subject covering broader trends, practical insights, expert guidance and legal implications. 

The workshop video, presentation and the conclusions paper summarising the discussions are included below. 

Conclusions Paper


Video Sessions:

Session 1 : Cyber Security: Key Challenges and Trends

Session 2 : Decoding the Psychology of a Cyber Criminal

Session 3 : The Dark Net: Insights for Business Leaders

Session 4 : India’s Cyber Security Policy Landscape 

(All documents are password-protected and the passwords have been provided to all participants by email.)

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