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    Index funds, the new game on Dalal Street

    Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are currently in a minority in the Indian context. The glamour and aggressive marketing by actively-managed funds has ensured that most institutions and investors park their savings with them.

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    Diversity at the Workplace : The Current State

    Progressive companies know that creating a diverse environment contributes to business results. In any event, millennial employees have strong views about working for companies that are inclusive.

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    Swells like the Solway but Ebbs like its Tide

    The remarkable rise of the Bombay Stock Exchange’s Sensitive Share Index from 36,000 only a few weeks ago to a record level of 41,000 has foxed analysts and economists.

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    IMA India's Published Reports

    IMA India’s 2018-19 Finance Department Performance Benchmarks are designed to provide a baseline against which organisations can measure themselves on a variety of efficiency and effectiveness parameters.