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    The Sweet Spot for D&I

    The focus on diversity and inclusion in a corporate workplace environment is a phenomenon that probably originated in advanced countries like the US and Europe. Therefore, one might believe that it would be better practiced amongst multinational corporations belonging to those countries.

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    Creation of Wealth February 2020

    The socialist mindset India has grown up with remains an insidious force that has influenced policy making since the time of independence. Even after the 1991 reforms and the consequent liberalisation of the economy, the legacy continues to endure.

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    Coronavirus February 2020

    The Coronavirus infection is now approaching worrisome proportions globally. While China was the initial epicentre of the virus, its influence has spread quite dramatically and three other countries have declared an official health emergency.

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    IMA India's Published Reports

    IMA India’s 2018-19 Finance Department Performance Benchmarks are designed to provide a baseline against which organisations can measure themselves on a variety of efficiency and effectiveness parameters.