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Monday November 30, 2020

Espresso Evenings

Starting December 2020, we commenced a new initiative for our Forum members, entitled Espresso Evenings with IMA. This initiative is a part of our larger peer group offering, exclusively for IMA's Peer Group Forum members. These are intended as short knowledge capsules of just 30 minutes focussed on one specific micro-issue at a time, held every 2nd Thursday at 5.30 pm IST.

The topics for these sessions will cover a variety of issues and will be structured on a 10-20 format i.e. 10 minutes of opening remarks/presentation by IMA followed by 20 minutes of Q&A and discussions. In general, there will be no external speaker or panellist in order to keep the meetings focussed and interactive.
If you want to understand the membership proposition, write to us.