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The workshop is aimed at senior and middle managers across business functions. The 2-day online workshop is spread over 6 modules that will cover various aspects of corporate and personal cyber security, an understanding of the threats facing a company, the elements of building a strong security architecture, and tactical guidance on identifying threats/pitfalls. It is designed for managers in both IT and non-IT roles.

Who should attend?

The agenda covers intense modules for becoming adept at understanding a cyber threat, maintaining personal hygiene, building a strong cybersecurity architecture and is designed for senior and middle management executives in both IT and non-IT roles.

Event Speakers

Speaker 3

Amit Dubey

Author, Innovator, Cyber Security Expert, Chevening Fellow and a Crime Investigator


Speaker 3

Dr Pavan Duggal

Founder and Chairman of the International Commission on Cyber Security Law



  • DAY 1

    Having a solid cybersecurity architecture that provides guidelines to make sure the right infrastructure and controls are in place while allowing flexibility for technological change is the backbone of a cyber-resilient organisation. This module will explore the key elements of building a strong security framework including the softer aspects like a cyber-resilient culture.

    Video Presentation

  • The majority of data breaches are on account of human errors. However, there is a silver lining to this. If executives are educated to identify and respond to such threats in advance, the bulk of data breach incidents could be avoided. This module, through real-life examples and a live demonstration, will provide guidance on how to improve personal security consciousness and avoid common pitfalls.


  • Even though the Central government has taken several e-initiatives to tackle cyber crimes against women and children, there has been a 400% increase in the number of incidents over the last few years. This module will explore the nature of cyber crimes against women and children and the measures that can be taken to safeguard them.


  • DAY 2
  • The key to dealing with increased cyber security threats during emergency situations is preparation. Get tactical guidance in terms of techniques, practices and frameworks on how to identify potential vulnerabilities and threats, and prepare for any eventualities.


  • India has a number of existing laws and regulations related to information technology and data protection. The Information Technology Act contains provisions around the enforcement of electronic contracts, the validation of electronic signatures, the prevention of hacking, and a few clauses around data privacy. This module will be led by a legal expert who will provide a general understanding of the existing laws and regulations related to data privacy and how they can impact organisations.


  • The impending enactment of a new data protection law in India promises to fundamentally change the operating regime for businesses in this market. Borrowing from the General Data Protection Guidelines (GDPR) of Europe, the regulation will bring in a series of strictures and rules for how companies may collect, analyse, distribute and use customer data, together with fairly strict penalties – up to 4% of global revenues – for violations. For businesses, this will have profound implications requiring changes to everything from digital and social media marketing strategies to cross-promotions and big data analytics. The module will provide an overview of the legalities and related challenges involved in managing and governing data, and the implications these have for businesses.



Each attendant will get lifetime access to conclusion summaries of each module as well vide recordings.


Each attendant will receive a learning certificate by IMA upon completion of the workshop.

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