A glimpse into CXOs changing priorities, mechanisms to cope with stress, skill gaps, future plans, and more

As CXOs return to the ‘6-feet economy’, their life both at the workplace and at home is far removed from ‘normal’. IMA recently conducted a detailed survey that sought to establish the sorts of issues top managers are prioritising in the wake of Covid-19; how they are dealing with stress; what skill-gaps they are looking to fill (and how); and whether they are re-evaluating their careers and post-retirement prospects. This report, based on inputs from nearly 400 CXOs across demographic and industry categories, covers the following parameters:


Changing CXO priorities: We looked at four broad priority areas – leadership, business, people and technology – to understand where CXOs are spending more time, delegating more, directing more resources, or hiring new skills.
Coping with stress: What are the most (and least) effective mechanisms used by CXOs to cope with stress?
Skill sets: Where do CXOs believe their skill-gaps lie, and what solutions are they adopting to address these gaps?
Career and retirement plans: What career related challenges do CXOs face on account of the present crisis? Are they looking for new jobs – and if so where and when? Alternatively, do they plan to take the entrepreneurial route?  How has Covid-19 impacted their post-retirement status and plans?


In addition to sector and ownership splits, detailed cross-tabulations are made on the basis of the following eight parameters, which provide revealing insights on difference in CXO behaviour across demographic categories and backgrounds.


By designation: behavioural differences between CEOs, CFOs and CHROs

By age group: do younger CXOs behave differently from older ones?
By gender: contrasts between males and females to a given issue
By tenure: differences across executives who have recently assumed their current role versus veterans
By level of education: does having a PhD make a difference?
By field of study: what do MBAs prefer versus accountants and liberal arts graduates
By sector: variations across industry sectors
By ownership: trends between foreign versus Indian-owned companies

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