The 2020 Digital Marketing Benchmarks Report

IMA India's Digital Marketing (DM) Benchmarks Report provides detailed process data and metrics obtained from 120 India-based organisations across sectors and industry types. The metrics relate to practices around: resource allocation to Digital Marketing, headcount, budgets, ROIs, outsourcing, and skill gaps. Selectively, comparisons have been provided with the 2015 edition of this exercise to demonstrate what has changed and what has not.

The 90-page report covers the following areas:

Identify trends in DM budgets and staffing
Understand budget and staff allocation to various activities
Establish benchmarks for DM activity level spends based on leading industry practices and detailed peer comparisons
Measure the impact of DM spends on sales and brands and RoI of DM investments

In addition to size, sector and ownership splits, detailed cross-tabulations are made on the basis of the following parameters:


Whether firms have a formal DM strategy and how mature that strategy is (number of years since it was established)

Who the DM function reports intoCEO or CMO
Spending on DM: High, low and ‘average’
The age profile of DM staff
Business-orientation – whether mainly B2C, mainly B2B or both

Web sophistication: Firms ranked as high, medium or low in terms of the sophistication of their web presence, with respect to revenue generation.

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Special fee for respondents to the data questionnaire:

Rs 12,000 + GST

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