IMA India’s 2019 Finance Department Performance Benchmarks are designed to provide a baseline against which organisations can measure themselves on a variety of
efficiency and effectiveness parameters. More than 240 CFOs from large, medium, and small companies across the manufacturing and services space
responded to a detailed questionnaire covering areas such as costs, staff, volume of work, organisation structure, finance automation, and outsourcing and insourcing trends

The study will help you:


Identify areas of over- and under-spend in the finance department
Understand opportunities for cost reduction or performance improvement
Compare your organisational structure, systems maturity, process automation and talent allocation against others in the same sector or size band
Establish benchmarks for finance department productivity and outcomes
Evolve service strategies in line with leading industry practices
Secure the support of decision makers or direct reports by making objective, data-based arguments



The results and analysis are current and relevant as the data was collected between November and December 2018. The survey is presented as a composite picture and data cuts by turnover, ownership and sectors are also provided for key indices.


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Rs 60,000 + taxes
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Rs 35,000 + taxes
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