Covid-19 Impact on Compensation and Hiring: A Pulse Check

IMA’s Covid-19 Impact on Compensation and Hiring Pulse Survey seeks to assess the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on compensation practices and hiring outlook. The findings are based on inputs collected from 325 organisations across sectors and industry types. The data, collected in May 2020, is collated to provide a balanced perspective on the actions companies have taken or are planning to take in response to the pandemic. Findings are reported at the aggregate level but are also segmented by industry sector, by ownership, by size of business, and by essentiality of service. The analysis also distinguishes between companies following different financial years as this has an important bearing on hiring and compensation decisions.

The 40-page report covers the following areas:

Bonus pay-outs: Decisions on bonus payments, timelines, deferment, reduction
Increments: Decisions on increments for 2020-21 across management levels
Measures to cut manpower cost: Top measures companies have implemented or planning to implement in reducing people cost; extent of pay cuts by management levels
Hiring outlook: Forward views on hiring decisions across management levels
  *The report is intended to provide the broad direction and sentiment on a select set of compensation and hiring issues and is not a formal, compensation benchmarking report.

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