The FY22 Salary Increments Benchmarking Study aims to assess trends in salary increments and budgets across levels of management and functions across companies. Over 220 organisations across sectors and of varying size and ownership participated in the survey, which was conducted in January 2021. The report provides inputs on parameters such as overall compensation budgets, variable pay shares, and increments across levels/functions.

The 100+ page report helps to:


Identify trends in salary increments across management levels and functions
Understand how compensation budgets are likely to change
Establish benchmarks for compensation to executives based on leading industry practices and detailed peer comparisons
Develop authentic forecasts to optimise costs and budgets
Recognise salary increment differentials across executive levels and functions


The report aims to offer actionable inputs for CHROs and other decision makers towards their own salary related decisions for the next financial year, and covers the following parameters:


Total People Cost (CTC): as a percentage of total cost and total revenue for FY20 and FY21, and forecasts for FY22.

Compensation Budgets by Function: How have compensation budgets changed in the last one year? What is the expected change next year?
Variable Pay Shares by Function and Management Level: For FY21 (actual) and FY22 (anticipated).
Pay Increments for FY20, FY21 and FY22 (anticipated) by:
  • Function
• Management level
• Talent group (High potentials, and Top/Average/Low Performers)

Compensation budgets and Increments data is presented for each function (Sales / Marketing / Customer Service, Business / Operations /Manufacturing, Finance / Treasury, HR, Shared Services, Facilities/IT/Administration) and management level (C-level, Senior Management, Middle Management, Junior Management, Blue Collar Workforce). Detailed data-splits are offered for each parameter by sector/sub-sector, revenue, ownership (foreign vs Indian), listing, domain (manufacturing vs services) and orientation (B2B vs B2C). Additionally, increments data is provided for talent groups (HiPos, Top/Average/Low Performers) and for companies segregated by their starting month of financial year.


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Special fee for respondents to the data questionnaire:

Rs 15,000 + GST

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