The 2019 Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarking Report

IMA India’s 2019 Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks are designed to provide baseline data and insights for organisations to measure themselves on a variety of diversity-related parameters. About 300 companies – large, medium, and small – across the manufacturing and services space responded to a detailed questionnaire covering areas such as diversity budgets, structure, policies, promotional measures, success metrics, and impact assessment.

The report helps:


Assess the current level of diversity in your organisation
Gain insights into key trends and best practices
Compare your D&I practices against others in the same sector or revenue band
Optimise diversity mix
Understand the impact of D&I strategies
Hold managers and leaders accountable for outcomes
Secure the support of decision makers or direct reports by making objective, data-based arguments



The survey is presented as a composite picture and data cuts by turnover, ownership and sectors are also provided for key indices. Performance on diversity related parameters are cross-tabulated for companies with:

  1. Dedicated D&I function vs no D&I function
  2. Formal D&I policy vs no D&I Policy
  3. High vs low diversity
  4. High vs low D&I budgets
  5. D&I function reporting: CEO vs CHRO


Table of Contents
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