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As part of its mandate to help CFOs understand developments in the operating environment and constantly be aware of ‘bigger picture’, The India CFO Forum provides research-based opinions and analysis on the economic, political and market environment. This takes the form of written reports emailed directly to member CFOs. A complete archive of CFO Forum content is available in the Knowledge Centre. Access requires a login and password, which is provided to members only. However, select samples are available for general viewing.

Key elements of the CFO Forum content package include

Economic intelligence and research: IMA India’s research on the Indian and Regional economy aims to provide clear-cut opinions on the emerging outlook together with an ongoing assessment of underlying economic trends, developments and their impact on business. From exhaustive analytical reports to quick one-pagers, the portfolio provides comprehensive coverage of the economy in which your business operates.

IMA perspectives: As part of its ongoing research across industries and management issues, IMA India seeks to provide a new or insightful perspective on sectoral developments, emerging risks and opportunities. These are not 'factual updates' or industry newsletters, but thought provoking opinions based on in-house research. Our clients find these useful both from the perspective of receiving an independent view and for furthering internal debate on factors impacting strategy and performance.

Business and management surveys: On the premise that the most authoritative understanding of business trends and management practices lies in the minds of practitioners themselves, IMA carries out a number of surveys aimed at soliciting CXO opinions. The Annual Business Confidence Survey is amongst the exhaustive analysis of its kind in India, drawing responses from over 400 companies on an extensive list of metrics and business priorities. The Annual CXO Compensation Survey is perhaps the most focussed salary survey on C-level executives in India, and draws responses from almost 200 companies across sectors. Beyond these, IMA undertakes several other topical surveys on issues relating to talent management, CEO priorities, and the like.

Conclusions papers of briefing sessions: IMA India prepares summary documents called Conclusions Papers, after each briefing session of The India CEO Forum. These papers capture key issues discussed at the briefings and constitute an excellent source of reference material, both for participants as well as those that were unable to attend. As with other updates, Conclusions Papers are useful documents for wider circulation within the management teams of client companies.

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