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    Debt and Growth June 2020

    In the current environment, the public debt to GDP ratio is a factor that needs to be closely watched. Beyond certain thresholds, it has the potential to threaten economic growth and, by extension, consumption and market demand.

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    US Elections June 2020

    The popular belief favours a victory for the Democrats at this time. But there are six months still to go and four critical issues will ultimately determine which way the penny will drop.

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    Quandary of Conflicting Interests

    The violent engagement between Indian and Chinese security forces at the Ladakh border has now crossed the levels of what can be passed off as a routine skirmish.

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    IMA India's Published Reports

    IMA's research vertical publishes reports on a variety of thematic, industry and management issues. Some of our research reports are of an annual or periodic nature while others are one-off publications.
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    The India Consumption Report

    The India Consumption Report Consumption expenditure has followed varying growth trajectories across states as growth drivers have evolved differently in different regions.