IMA Analysis

Tuesday April 18, 2017

CFO Forum Executive Briefings

A key element of the value proposition of The India CFO Forum is the option to call upon a senior IMA executive to provide an in-company Executive Briefing on the economy, politics, and/or the Indian market. Our briefings aim to provide an independent, research-based view on the strategic and operational aspects of the operating environment, and also cover our forecasts and expectations on a range of economic parameters.

Briefings are frequently used as inputs towards strategic planning and country budget reviews. By encouraging beyond-the-paradigm thinking across management teams, they help senior executives place their business functions in a larger context. For multinational corporations, or those with clients or partners overseas, Executive Briefings are also a valuable input in the ‘familiarisation’ process for visiting corporate executives, who often seek an unbiased perspective on India from an in-country expert.

One ‘standard’ (i.e., non-customised) briefing per year is included in The India CFO Forum membership proposition. Customised briefings may attract a fee, depending on the nature and extent of customisation required.


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