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    The Life After

    As the nation grapples with an extended lockdown, some aspects of the future business reality are becoming clearer. Certain changes in behaviour, operations, and indeed societal perceptions are here to stay.

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    A Less Liberal World

    The Covid-19 pandemic has hastened nationalism with many countries hunkering down to protect their own, promptly discarding their own ideals of a borderless world based on economic and social cohesion.

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    Work Customs- April 2020

    The current lockdown has abruptly ended this practice and replaced it with a virtual one. Human nature is already adapting.

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    IMA India's Published Reports

    IMA's research vertical publishes reports on a variety of thematic, industry and management issues. Some of our research reports are of an annual or periodic nature while others are one-off publications.
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    The India Consumption Report

    The India Consumption Report Consumption expenditure has followed varying growth trajectories across states as growth drivers have evolved differently in different regions.