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    A Balance Sheet Crisis May 2020

    Any economy comprises of four actors and the strength of their balance sheets ultimately determines aggregate economic performance. However, in India’s case all four were under stress when Covid-19 hit, and the crisis has only exacerbated matters.

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    Environment May 2020

    The lockdown, while unfortunate from many perspectives, has benefited the environment in ways never seen before. Whilst the current gains may turn out to be short-lived, they do point to the urgent need to rekindle a global political dialogue on sustainability.

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    Border Tensions May 2020

    China’s recent move to station thousands of troops close to this border and, in fact, to transgress into Indian territory is therefore a worrisome development. Its aggression, and India’s response to it, will have both geo-security and economic implications

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    IMA India's Published Reports

    IMA's research vertical publishes reports on a variety of thematic, industry and management issues. Some of our research reports are of an annual or periodic nature while others are one-off publications.
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    The India Consumption Report

    The India Consumption Report Consumption expenditure has followed varying growth trajectories across states as growth drivers have evolved differently in different regions.