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Tuesday March 1, 2005

CEO Forum


IMA’s senior-most country intelligence programme, The India CEO Forum, is a membership-based briefing and research service designed to help CEOs interpret and anticipate developments in the operating environment. For most of our member CEOs, the Forum is not just a source of ongoing information and insight, but also a ‘first port of call’ to seek answers or independent opinions on a wide range of business concerns and ideas. Built up over more than two decades, the 800-member-strong Forum is a tightly-knit community of business leaders across industry verticals.


The Forum uses the medium of regular briefing sessions hosted in the  NCR region, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad to engage the peer group on relevant issues. Closed-door debate is led by authoritative speakers drawn from government, industry, academia and independent thought leaders.


IMA India’s ongoing research and independent insights on the business environment are provided to members through thought leading papers encompassing the Indian and regional economy, strategic and political affairs, industry and market developments and emerging management paradigms as relevant to the Chief Executive.


IMA’s Knowledge Centre is a repository of data and insights as well as IMA content archives accessible by members only.


IMA’s Executive Briefing service – a personalised country briefing on India - is available to members of The India CEO Forum under special rights of access. These briefings are considered a valuable source of independent perspective on India for global teams or local company strategy teams.


Membership to The India CEO Forum is by invitation only. To know more, browse through the tabs above, or write to us