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Monday February 4, 2019

Ashish Chopra: Secrets In Viral Video Marketing


By 2020, India’s 400-million strong internet user base is set to grow to 730 million and the smartphone user base to 702 million. 75% of these new users are expected to consume data in local languages. Moreover, they will consume more audio and video content than text. Consequently, the go-to-market strategy for gaining new users will have to be different. Overwhelming ‘content density’ means consumers are seeing chaotic news feeds; there is excessive competition between brands; and consumers’ attention spans are decreasing. ‘Viral’ has become a bigger buzz word, and cracking the viral code seems to be the holy grail of content marketing.

Aashish Chopra, an award-winning viral video marketer, shared the method in the madness behind viral videos, offering learnings from the trenches of content marketing.

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