Wednesday April 22, 2020

Partner with IMA

India's conferences and business meetings are attractive platforms for sponsors to gain exposure and profile within an influential and senior audience. The structure and format of our meetings allow for a high degree of interactivity, profile building and targeted visibility.


Thought leadership

By leading discussions or presenting* at Roundtables and other peer-group meetings, sponsors get an unparalleled opportunity to position themselves as thought leaders in their domain. To this end, they may also contribute proprietary content – including research articles, case studies and abstracts of survey reports – for inclusion in the conference briefing paper. Equally, sponsors can leverage IMA’s custom publishing and research services to develop cutting-edge content specifically for launch at the conference, or elsewhere. 

Networking opportunities DSC 0288

Senior representatives of sponsor companies, who are invited to attend our meetings, have an opportunity to establish direct relationships with delegates during discussion- and lunch breaks, or over evening cocktails and dinner. Our conferences are designed to facilitate networking, off-the-record discussions, and the development of deep professional relationships. 

Branding and visibility 2DSC 0039

Sponsoring organisations are given prominent visibility on conference documentation – such as brochures and briefing papers – as also on backdrops and props at the conference venue itself. Additionally, sponsors are profiled on the micro-sites created for individual conferences on IMA’s website. For certain sponsorship categories, partners may, subject to IMA India approval, set up additional visibility tools like demo stations and self-operated kiosks.

Collateral and merchandise 5DSC 0049

Conferences are the ideal place for targeted distribution of marketing collateral and corporate merchandise. IMA India supports such efforts, wherever appropriate and feasible, by placing collateral/merchandise in delegates’ rooms or in seating areas at the conference venue.

To sponsor on an IMA India event, please write to us:


Tejaswini Dalvi Rai

Tel: +91 022 40776109

Mobile: +91 9892259865


Seema Kharat 

Tel: +91 022 40776106

Mobile: +91 9821021018



Nirupama Shekhar 

Tel: +91 0124 4591216

Mobile: +91 9810586577



Vandana Sinha 

Tel: +91 080 42695910

Mobile: +91 9880227552


* Speaking opportunities are generally only available to Principal Sponsors. Sponsor presentations/opening remarks will be guided by the agenda and theme of the session/conference, as determined by IMA India. 

For further queries, please   write to us