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Monday September 14, 2020


  • Adit Jain - Chairman and Editorial Director
    Adit Jain established IMA India, an economic & business research company in 1994. He continues to serve as its Chairman and Editorial Director. Previously he worked with Lazard, an investment bank, as Vice President & Head of M&A. Adit has advised companies on their India strategy; deposed as an expert witness, at commercial litigations and given testimony at Parliamentary proceedings. He provides briefings to Company Boards, speaks at emerging market seminars and has lectured on Business Policy as Adjunct Faculty at various business schools. He is a non-executive Director on the boards of Sanmar Group, BMR Advisers and PR Pundit Public Relations. He previously served on the boards of Shriram Transport Finance, Mahanagar Telephone Nigam, Engineers India, Certification Engineers International and Indosolar. Adit works closely with forest authorities in Madhya Pradesh towards education, community and social initiatives at various National Parks, including Kanha, Bandhavgarh, and Pench. His foundation sponsors the education of thousands of school children. In 2009, Adit was elected a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, London. A keen wildlife photographer he travels extensively in the Himalayas and spends time at National Parks in India and East Africa.

Executive Committee

  • Akhil Mohan - President
    Akhil joined IMA in 1999 and is currently the firm’s longest tenured employee, barring the Chairman himself! In April 2020, he assumed the role of President with a mandate to lead IMA’s strategic reorientation into a research and content driven firm combining its internal capability with the knowledge of its extensive client base. Akhil is an avid listener of heavy metal, neo-classical rock and western classical music and plays all three genres on the guitar. He collects liqueurs and alternate spirits, an interest he acquired when working with Remy Cointreau early in his career.

  • Vandana Sinha - Vice President
    Vandana joined IMA in 2004 - she is the business head for the southern region; leads IMA’s digital strategy as well as the speaker outreach on behalf of the company. Mother of two children, she loves to travel and spend time with her family, including her glorious Persian Cat - Elvis. Vandana is an avid meditator and a practitioner of many energy healing modalities. And that she believes is the way to live.






  • Nirupama Shekhar - Vice President
    Nirupama joined IMA in 2006 and she is the Business Head for the NCR and Pune regions. She also spearheads sponsorships and partnerships for the company. Nirupama is an avid fitness enthusiast. She has run a few half marathons, the toughest one being the Ladakh half marathon in September 2018. Other areas of interest include reading and music.


  • Tejaswini Rai - Vice President
    Tejaswini joined the company in 2008 and heads all of IMA’s businesses in the Mumbai region. She is also responsible for IMA’s offsite conferences and is the force behind the presales machinery. ‘For as long as I live, I should be able to do a set of 10 push ups comfortably!’. Whether you call it her motto or her aspiration - it pretty much sums up how she lives her life. She believes that a healthy body sustains a healthy mind. She strongly believes that children reinvent the world for you, and is blessed to have two of her own.

  • Suraj Saigal - Research Director
    Suraj has been with IMA since 2004 and is based out of the company headquarters in NCR. He has a master’s degree in economics and public policy from Princeton University. Suraj has a deep interest in nature and wildlife and spends as much time as he can in the jungle. He loves to read, watch movies, and explore new destinations - always with two cameras in hand.

  • Deepa Dhall - Financial Controller
    Deepa joined the company in 2008 and is the boss in the finance department. She is a perfectionist and a detail oriented individual. She dreams a lot and remembers the minutest details of her dreams too! Her biggest dream is to write a wonder/magic tale for kids. She loves dogs and is a foodie but the one thing she hates is cooking. 

Meet the rest of the IMA Family...

Business Team

  • Ankita Narvekar
    Ankita is an integral part of IMA’s pre-sales team. Her liveliness stems from learning new things, travelling to new places, meeting new people and understanding the world around her. She believes that there aren’t many things that can make a company grow - the way trust and dependability can - and she derives pleasure from being dedicated to both aspects. 


  • Audrey Gonsalves
    Audrey’s is a strong individual and one of the finest team members at IMA, having joined the organisation in 2007. She leads client retention for the CFO and CHRO programmes in her city. She has been a steady source of motivation and always strives her to do her best. She enjoys music, cycling, exercise, hiking, driving, and dancing to regulate her stress levels and create happiness.

  • Delilah Dsilva
    Delilah is based in Mumbai and is part of the presales team and also responsible for selling IMA’s Research Reports in the western region. She enjoys listening to music and singing out aloud with her 4-year-old. She loves to bake and is an outdoors person who enjoys holidaying, travelling and trekking. An avid nature lover, plant lover, and animal lover. 

  • Delnaz Engineer
    Delnaz joined IMA in 2010 and is responsible for client retention on IMA’s CEO Programme in the Mumbai region.  She is one of the most dependable souls around and essential to the functioning of the team in Mumbai. She enjoys exploring and travelling to new places with her family and trying out local cuisines. She is also an avid sports enthusiast.

  • Dolly Theresa
    Dolly is responsible for client retention for the CEO and CFO peer group in Chennai and works out of Bangalore. She is quite the enthusiast and enjoys learning new things. In her free time she likes to volunteer with various organisations; be it to teach spoken English, scribe or help in any little way possible. She loves to travel and explore and also dabbles in some amateur photography and writing. She believes in the simple philosophy of “live and let live” , and tries to abide by it as much as she can. 

  • Hoihnu Hauzel
    Hoihnu is part of the team responsible for the speaker outreach at IMA. She is a seasoned journalist with over 15 years of experience with mainstream Indian media. Associated with IMA since November 2013, she quit in 2017, and now is very happy to be back “home” since 2019. Hoihnu loves gardening and listening to interesting human stories.

  • Jemima Mohan
    Jemima is a part of the Business Development team in Mumbai, and a strong team player. She is an ex hotelier who still loves to cook up tasty treats in the kitchen. She also has quite the green thumb and thoroughly enjoys gardening. ‘Grow your own food’ is something she tries to practice and that keeps her occupied while she is not working.

  • Kirti Waldia
    Kirti is a key player of IMA’s pre-sales team and is based out of Pune. He belongs to the foothills of Himalayas, plays Rugby for a local club in Pune and has a huge interest in adventure sports. He is fun to have around, is a dependable team member and his sportsman spirit is visible at work too.



  • Megha Arora
    Megha leads business development efforts for IMA’s CXO peer groups in the NCR region.  She loves spending time with her family, travelling and exploring the world. She also loves spending time in mother nature. She is God fearing and loves to hear devotional talks in her me time.

  • Meghna Shah
    Meghna leads business development efforts for IMA’s CEO Programme in the Mumbai region. She is a result-driven achiever with exemplary planning and organisational skills, and possesses an eye for detail. She is also a resourceful team player who excels at building trusting relationships with customers and colleagues. 

  • Nirmala Giri Valluri
    Nirmala has been with IMA since 2007 and is the face of the company in the Hyderabad region, handling both business development and client retention with aplomb. She likes to spend her time in chanting Buddhist Mantras and doing meditations – they help her stay centred and focused. She also believes that a fit body is important for a fit mind. The most fulfilling role for her is being a mother to her 8 year old son.

  • Nishtha Vyas
    Nishtha is responsible for client retention for the CEO peer group in Bangalore and also dons the hat of a marketing aficionado within the organization. When not working, Nishtha likes to find solace in reading, writing, painting, and binging on streaming shows.

  • Nita George
    An IMA veteran, Nita joined the company in 2005. She is the face for the CEO and CHRO peer groups in the southern region. Dedication is her middle name and when not working, she enjoys listening to some classic tunes, reading, and collecting art.




  • Pearl Dsouza
    Pearl is a business development resource at IMA and is based out of Mumbai, a city she was born and brought up in. She is an astute salesperson. Post working hours she is usually exploring new places for her Instagram handle. She is passionate about news things in life. The motto she lives by is “Of course – I can”. Hence, currently she is trying her hand at cooking!

  • Prasad Marathe
    Prasad leads IMA’s peer group efforts in the Pune region. He hails from the majestic Konkan belt, and loves to explore global cuisines, enjoys tasting wines and discovering the gastronomic aspects of wines. He is also a die-hard fan of cricket and played for the MCA for 2 years.



  • Priti Murarka
    Priti is an indispensable member of the CHRO team at IMA and is based in Bangalore She has a passion to travel across the globe and live life to the fullest. She loves to assist the elderly and can spend hours listening to their stories. What drives her is the quote: ‘Count Your Blessings’.



  • Rajashree Patil
    Rajashree joined IMA in 2005 and is an IMA veteran. She is the face of IMA among CFOs in the south, having established the forum in the region. Her attention to detail is unparalleled and she also enjoys the title of “Chief Proofreader”. When not working, she loves to cook up a delicious storm in the kitchen that benefits her colleagues as well!


  • Sachleen Kaur
    Sachleen leads efforts for IMA’s CEO Programme in the Delhi/NCR region. She has a passion for connecting with people and building communities. The most important and enjoyable part of her job is the human side of things - creating and managing relations. When she is off work, she loves to engage in some mind-boggling crosswords and sudoku.

  • Shruthi Venugopalas 
    Shruthi is an essential part of the CFO team at IMA in the Southern region and has lived all her life in Bangalore. She belongs to a family of travel enthusiasts and puts on her jet setting shoes, whenever possible. She also has a strong affinity towards her fitness regime and enjoys cooking and painting. 

  • Suman Khetan
    Suman is responsible for the CHRO peer group in the NCR region. She is dedicated to her work and is passionate towards achieving her goals. A photographer by heart, Suman likes to read and write. She is fond of cooking vegetarian food and is a believer of positivity.

  • Sweta Singh
    Sweta is the powerhouse in IMA’s pre-sales team based out of NCR. A curious soul, Sweta loves to read and enjoys dancing as it helps her to stay fit. An urge to create a better life, constantly drives her to move forward and work harder than ever.

  • Tridha Singh
    Tridha handles the CFO engagement and Business Development for IMA in Delhi/NCR. She is outgoing, inquisitive, feisty and independent. She loves good conversations, movies and books. Laughter is a priority. Her humour is a mix of nerdy and sarcastic. She loves road trips, freshly brewed tea and experimenting in the kitchen.


  • Tulip Lobo
    Tulip is an invaluable business development resource for the Mumbai region.  She is a true Mumbaikar and loves trying new things out, be it food or an adventure. Her constant endeavor is to make earth a better place to live in, not only for humans but also for our four-legged friends. A die-hard fan of Batman, Tulip loves cooking, gardening, photography and animal behavior training.

  • Vishal Mathur
    Vishal is part of IMA’s NCR team contributing to sales and retention of IMA’s CXO peer groups. His experience as a sales professional has helped him interact with people of all ages and in understanding them. He aspires to have a cafe of his own one day and cook to earn his living.



  • Zabral Jennifer
    Jennifer is a member of the national pre-sales team. She is a customer centric individual, who believes in delighting customers at any given point. Jenny carries a smile all the time and is always spreading positivity around herself. She believes that peace begins with a SMILE. Apart from managing the professional front, she is a responsible and caring mother of two kids. Cooking is about creating something delicious for someone else and to make them happy – and Jennifer indulges in this.

Research Team

  • Anuj Arora
    Anuj is part of IMA’s Research wing and the brain behind many new ideas in the division. He says he is a sceptical realist who loves to be in the moment, challenge the norms and break some rules. He is a nerd with an unlimited appetite for reading and a compulsive urge to write. In his free time, he is learning to awaken the Buddha within him by observing silence and working on boosting his happiness quotient.


  • Asmita Jindal
    Asmita is part of the research team based out of NCR. She is an old school millennial and research marvel. When not at work, she can be found reading spiritual books, running, painting or at the mall!






  • Prerna Buckshee
    Prerna is part of IMA's Research and Advisory team and lives in NCR. Her life is guided by a famous quote of Abraham Lincoln - 'Whatever you are, be a good one' and that's what she strives to achieve each day in all walks of her life. In a few words, she would describe herself as a 'true-blue' Sagittarian - an eternal optimist, globetrotter and adventure-lover.  Honesty, curiosity and sheer 'joie de vivre' are her best friends forever.


  • Shapnila Nath
    Shapnila is a Research and Advisory consultant, responsible for promoting IMA's Research Reports in South India as well as contributing to the production of IMA’s research content. When not at work, you can find her buried in a book or creating healthier versions of tasty recipes. Owing to her epistemophilia, her interests range from Nutrition to Neuroscience. She is also a strong believer of personal development, is a fitness enthusiast and a solo long-distance runner.

  • Vidyabhushan Upadhye
    VB as he is called, dons two hats within IMA - Research & Advisory Consultant and Technology Lead. He is a passionate learner with varied interests across automation, machine learning, health sciences, environment, water conservation and harvesting as well as alternative healing therapies. VB loves long drives, photography, yoga and meditation.

Finance; Technology & Digital; Administration

  • Gurpreet Singh
    Gurpreet is an accounting and taxation professional and an integral part of IMA’s finance team. A merry soul, he brings life to the office environment. He loves learning & reading languages, searching & understanding religions, and listening and singing some tunes. 

  • Kush Malhotra
    Kush is IMA’s in-house UI/UX designer and a dedicated family man. He is a man of few words, dependable and always approachable. He enjoys reading, listening to music and playing table tennis.



  • Mahender Pratap
    Mahender is part of IMA’s finance team based in NCR. He is a silent and steady coworker. He is a cricket enthusiast who follows and plays the game. Mahender also enjoys listening to music.


  • Prashant Kothari
    Prashant is an ambitious, dynamic and a detailed oriented professional with experience and knowledge of taxation and auditing. He always tries to share new ideas to build a strong environment around his network.  

  • Preeti Rajput
    Preeti joined IMA in 2007 and since then she is the backbone of all things that run smoothly in the company, manning administration with ease. Introverted and in sync with nature is how she defines herself. With the external world she communicates more by listening. She starts her day early with introspection, meditation, and yoga. She loves everything about nature and its abundance - the greenery, the rains and the plants.

  • Vishal Bharadwaj
    Vishal is the go to guy at IMA for all things to do with IT and administration. Extremely reliable and dependable, he is one of the happy faces around in the office. When not working, Vishal loves to explore new places and hang around with his friends.