Proprietary Research

For over two decades, IMA India has undertaken proprietary consulting and research assignments for some of the world’s leading corporations, both in India and overseas. IMA’s suite of custom research and advisory services aid organisations to develop and fine-tune their medium-term strategy, identify sectoral market opportunities, and better understand the future evolution of one of the world’s most dynamic economies. IMA’s country reports concentrate on India’s mega trends to decode the complex, multi-layered impetus of cross-sectoral growth in the country. 




Transforming Information into Actionable InsightIndia Employment Report 2017

Combining conceptual clarity with in-depth and original research, IMA India offers deep operating insights to businesses across sectors. Our experience spans industry: banking, oil and gas, mining, renewable energy, insurance, capital markets, food and agriculture, consumer foods, technology and IT, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, ITeS, defense and security and corporate services. IMA’s capabilities are centred on deep research capability based on two key prongs – strong models and methodologies to cross-pollinate multiple sources of data and being able to leverage IMA’s extensive network of senior-level professional relationships across the corporate sector for real-time insights.IMA’s work has informed the perspective of decision-makers and investors for over two decades


Opportunity assessments

New opportunities do not always arise from the immediate market context, but often from developments in seemingly unrelated markets or segments of the economy. Leveraging its extensive knowledge of the Indian economy, markets and industry sectors, IMA India helps clients conceptualise and evaluate both obvious and ‘not-so-obvious’ market opportunities.

Market sizing and demand estimation/forecasting

As most experienced businesses know only too well, the standard market statistics on India are often misleading, and usually fail to differentiate between market 'potential' and market 'size'; typically, they restrict their focus to the latter, whereas businesses have an equal or greater interest in the former. IMA India's ability to develop ground-up estimation models leads to the formulation of a more realistic go-to-market and investment strategy, particularly in new and evolving industry segments.

Syndicated research

IMA India’s syndicated research practice responds to the need of multiple firms with common (often sectoral) interests and concerns. Examples of such research exercises include a cost-benchmarking study for the IT sector, HR-practices benchmarking across sectors, and scenario modelling for various industries.

Entry and business strategy formulation

For businesses looking to make a new entry into India or a specific country sector – or expand on their existing presence – IMA provides strategic research and consulting support, identifying a fit between the client’s goals and capabilities with the needs of the country/market. Operatinally, IMA defines specific market segments, their potential and future prospects, and identifies the broader lay of the land in terms of competition, distribution, supply chains and key regulations. For the decision maker, IMA’s reports respond to the need to understand ‘what works’, ‘what doesn’t’ and ‘what hasn’t been tried’.

IMA’s Country Reports

Given the dynamism of the Indian economy and the multiple, often cross-sectoral elements impacting growth and its sustainability, IMA undertakes independent research to present insights and forecasts on key mega trends in the country. Raw data of government databases that feed all other databases and government policy decisions are overlaid by extensive interviews and surveys for the IMA team to distill an outcome. Recent examples include The India Consumption Report, which tracked changes in consumption patterns across states and resultant market opportunities across the country between 2005 and 2012, and the India Employment Report, which analyses the dynamics of the work force and patterns of employment in the two decades through 2015-16. IMA’s study of India’s States will be rolled out in 2018.

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