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A thought-leading magazine for CFOs and senior finance professionals across India, CFO Connect® draws upon the experience of India’s most authoritative CFOs, business leaders, opinion-makers, academicians, and policy makers. It offers succinct an cutting-edge analysis on the operating environment, together with well-researched, thought-provoking and insightful writing on matters around finance, corporate strategy and leadership

Launched in 2006, CFO Connect® is a first-of-its-kind thought-leadership magazine for CFOs and other senior finance professionals. Published monthly, it offers concise and informed analysis on the operating environment, together with thought-provoking and incisive writing on matters of finance, corporate strategy and leadership. Unlike most technical and accounting journals, CFO Connect deals with the broader strategic and leadership challenges of managing the modern-day corporate finance function. Recognising that the role of the CFO goes well beyond mere accounting/controllership, the magazines aims to identify and promote Finance best practices. Equally, it seeks to facilitate a greater 'share of voice' for this community, and to help shape the corporate and regulatory landscape. Supported by IMA India's team of experienced analysts and commentators, CFO Connect draws upon the intellect and experience of India's most authoritative CFOs, thought/opinion leaders and policymakers.



CFO Connect is a journal for CFOs and other senior finance professionals, covering a range of topics relevance to this audience. Should you wish to contribute, please  write to us   introducing yourself and providing a brief description of what you would like to write on.

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The CFO’s role has changed dramatically in the last 10 years. From being a mere ‘bean counter’, today’s CFO is truly to a strategic partner to the CEO, commanding greater authority than ever. Increasingly, CFOs are involved in making big decisions for their companies, in areas as diverse as real estate investments and IT upgrades. They are also high net-worth consumers in their own right, purchasing a variety of luxury products and services, from premium cars to exotic holidays. CFO Connect is a highly-targeted and efficient way to reach out to this important audience.

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