The 2020 Executive and Board Remuneration Report analyses compensation trends for Directors on the Boards of listed and unlisted companies in India. This edition covers 1,837 companies and 16,611 Directors in its analysis.

The report helps to:


Identify trends in top-executive and Board-level pay
Understand the composition of Boards across India
Establish benchmarks for compensation to Directors based on leading industry practices and detailed peer comparisons
Determine correlations between pay and performance
Recognise gender pay gaps across executive levels


Key features of the 2020 version include:


Larger sample size covering 1,837 listed and unlisted companies and 16,611 unique director positions

Coverage over a 5-year period from FY16 to FY20
Significant coverage of unlisted companies
More detailed sector-specific analysis, covering 11 industries
Finer details of pay data, including individual pay components for fixed and variable pay; 10th to 90th percentile splits
New parameters relating to Board functioning, Board independence, pay vs performance, gender pay gaps, company age analysis, etc
Detailed cross-tabulation of data for better benchmarking

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20% discount to companies that purchased the 2019 edition.
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